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"The Purpose of a Rodeo Queen is to Serve, Not to be Served"



We are very excited for our life-changing camp experience to begin!

Please print off these forms for each camper and BRING THE COMPLETED NOTARIZED LIABILITY FORMS WITH A COPY OF YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE CARD FOR ENTRANCE INTO CAMP. We will have a notary on site, we MUST have parent’s permission and signature on the forms in order for you to participate in this camp.

Please do not worry about clothing for this camp, especially for the mock pageant on Sunday. DRESSES ARE NOT REQUIRED. If you have a dress, feel free to bring one to model on Sunday, however, you may model in jeans or a skirt if desired. We DO require that you wear a long sleeved western shirt, jeans, belt, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat (preferably felt hat) for class instruction on Friday and Saturday and for the mock pageant on Sunday. We require this so that campers can be dressed as a rodeo queen would be dressed for her job, representing the sport of rodeo. There are many great selections at second-hand stores, buying new clothes are not required.

It is not a requirement for you to bring a horse, however, we do encourage those campers that have horses to do your best to bring your own horse to practice and improve your riding skills. Stalls and shavings are provided in the price of your tuition. Everyone will have the opportunity to ride. We are thankful for sponsors that are helping provide extra horses.

We also want to address the cell phone issue. In recent years we have had campers playing on their phones during class and late at night in the cowgirl bunkhouse which created a distraction during classes and prevented all campers from receiving restful sleep. We want to ensure that everyone has restful sleep and wonderful learning experience at camp. We will be collecting phones at registration and hold them in a safe place. Campers will be allowed to call their family every evening after dinner. It is preferred that campers leave their phones and all electronics at home. We will have a photographer on site to capture our amazing experience and memories. Parents you can reach Jamie from 6:00am-10:00pm at (509) 350-0562.

Please do not hesitate to call with questions or concerns! We look forward to seeing you! God Bless each and everyone of you!


Jamie Dearing, Founder
Rodeo Queen University
Cell: (509) 350-0562
Email: [email protected]