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"The Purpose of a Rodeo Queen is to Serve, Not to be Served"

Rodeo Queen University

Rodeo Queen University

Rodeo queens are more than cowboy hats and rhinestones.

Rodeo Queen University, a Christian leadership program for young women, began in 2011.
Rodeo Queen University has since blossomed into a weekend of fun, fellowship, mentoring, and education for young women throughout the United States.
As the program has grown, so have the needs of its organizer, Jamie Dearing, for community support.
Rodeo Queen University needs you! Rodeo Queen University is a non-profit organization focused on helping young women become professional leaders and is looking for sponsors to help reach as many young women as possible.
The options for donations are endless, from time and talent to funding and scholarships, any help is great help.

Teach the Teachers Seminars

Our mission is to provide Rodeo Queen Committees with useful tools; helping them create successful relationships with their queen and to inspire them to educate, direct, mentor, and utilize the young women they select to represent them and their rodeo.